Selecting a Pressure Gauge
  Mounting & Connection
  Fluid Composition
  Case & Housing
  Front Ring & Window
  Temperature/Ambient Conditions
  Liquid Filled Option
  Shock, Vibration, Pulsation
  Chemical Diaphragm Seals/Gauge Protection
  Chemical Compatibility Table
  Pressure Conversion Chart

Temperature/Ambient Conditions

The normal ambient temperature range for most standard dry or silicone filled gauges is -40 to +140 degrees F. The normal ambient temperature range for glycerine filled gauges is -4 to +140 degrees F. The error caused by temperature change is +/-0.3% per 18 degrees F rise or fall, respectively. The correction is for the temperature of the gauge, and not the temperature of the measured medium.

Steam and other hot media may raise the safe working limits of the gauge. In these cases, syphons, cooling towers, or chemical diaphragm seals may be required. Moisture and weather effects must also be considered. Liquid filled gauges prevent condensation build up. Stainless steel, brass or plastic cased gauges are recommended for outdoor use.