Selecting a Pressure Gauge
  Mounting & Connection
  Fluid Composition
  Case & Housing
  Front Ring & Window
  Temperature/Ambient Conditions
  Liquid Filled Option
  Shock, Vibration, Pulsation
  Chemical Diaphragm Seals/Gauge Protection
  Chemical Compatibility Table
  Pressure Conversion Chart

Pressure Range

A gauge range of twice the normal working pressure is generally selected. The maximum operating pressure in all cases should be limited to 75% of the gauge range. Where alternating pressure and pulsation are encountered, working pressure should be limited to 2/3 of the gauge range.


The commonly used pressure ranges are:

Denotes full scale range in psi measurement, low pressure in Mbar.

0-6Mbar, 0-10Mbar, 0-16Mbar, 0-25Mbar, 0-40Mbar, 0-60Mbar, 0-100Mbar, 0-160Mbar, 0-250Mbar, 0-400Mbar, 0-600Mbar, -15psi-0, 0-15psi, 0-30psi, 0-60psi, 0-100psi, 0-150psi, 0-160psi, 0-200psi, 0-300psi, 0-400psi, 0-600psi, 0-1000psi, 0-1500psi, 0-2000psi, 0-3000psi, 0-4000psi, 0-5000psi, 0-6000psi, 0-8500psi, 0-10000psi, 0-15000psi