Selecting a Pressure Gauge
  Mounting & Connection
  Fluid Composition
  Case & Housing
  Front Ring & Window
  Temperature/Ambient Conditions
  Liquid Filled Option
  Shock, Vibration, Pulsation
  Chemical Diaphragm Seals/Gauge Protection
  Chemical Compatibility Table
  Pressure Conversion Chart

Gauge Mounting & Connection

Lower mount (LM), center back mount (CBM), and/or lower back mount (LBM) are available for most gauge types. Most of our standard gauges have NPT, BSP or BSPT threaded connections. Many gauges can be panel mounted using either a U-clamp bracket or a front flange option. Pressure gauges should be mounted in the upright position if possible.


L:Lower connection

B:Center back connection

N:Lower back connection

R:Lower connection with back flange

V:Center back connection with front flange

W:Lower back connection with front flange

U: Center back connection with U-clamp

F: Left connection

G: Right connection

H: Higher connection

Thread is used mainly like:

2: 1/2"NPT; 2B:1/2"BSP; 2T:1/2:BSPT connection thread

4: 1/4"NPT; 4B:1/4"BSP; 4T:1/4"BSPT connection thread

8: 1/8"NPT; 8B:1/8"BSP; 8T:1/8"BSPT connection thread

3: 3/8"NPT; 3B:3/8"BSP; 3T:3/8"BSPT connection thread

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