Selecting a Pressure Gauge
  Mounting & Connection
  Fluid Composition
  Case & Housing
  Front Ring & Window
  Temperature/Ambient Conditions
  Liquid Filled Option
  Shock, Vibration, Pulsation
  Chemical Diaphragm Seals/Gauge Protection
  Chemical Compatibility Table
  Pressure Conversion Chart

Pressure Fluid Composition

Copper alloy (brass) or stainless steel is the standard wetted parts (materials in contact with the pressure media) available on most pressure gauges. Since the sensing element of a pressure gauge may be exposed directly to the measured medium, consider the characteristics of this media. It may be corrosive, solidify at various temperatures, or contain solids that may leave deposits inside the sensing element. For pressure fluids that will not solidify under normal conditions or leave deposits, a standard bourdon tube gauge may be acceptable. Otherwise, a seal gauge or gauge with a chemical seal/gauge protector should be used.